Podcast: The Tiny Home on Wheel's Revolution

I’m on the Salt Spring Gulf Island Community Radio interviewing people near and far who are making good news on the planet by helping to shift the outcome of our future.

These people and companies have created solutions to local and global issues we’re facing at the moment. Sharing the good news that’s happening on the planet is key at this time as there are people out there who are making big changes and we need to see the turning tides.

One of those local issues is, of course, having affordable housing on our island.

In this 7th episode I’m interviewing Colin Crystal about who is a Tiny House on Wheels Builder about:

* Why people choose to design mobile tiny homes to live in
* The unexpected benefits that come along with it, feeling more integrated in community and nature
* How the relative low cost of tiny homes makes it possible for people to ground into spaces they love
* How tiny houses could be a viable solution to our Salt Spring Island housing crisis

Tiny homes on wheels aren’t for everyone, but you’d be surprised by how you can design them so they fit your every need. This is a really fun conversation with Colin, not to be missed if you’ve been considering the idea of creating a tiny home on wheels.

If you know of someone who’s making beautiful changes for our future then send me their contacts and let me know what they’re up to. Who know’s, they might end up on the show!

Xoxo Gaianna Sophia Love

July 8, 2019 3:48 PM

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