Salt Spring Island Treated Effluent Discharge Notice

An emergency construction project on the wastewater treatment plant outfall pipe has taken longer than anticipated resulting in an unplanned bypass of the outfall pipe of fully treated and disinfected effluent. The treated effluent has entered the storm water system and discharged to the ocean at the outlet of Ganges Creek. The shoreline to which the treated effluent has discharged is in the vicinity of Gasoline Alley in the Village of Ganges.

As a precaution and in consultation with Island Health, the beach in the area will be posted with an advisory sign. Out of precaution, water quality monitoring will be undertaken in the vicinity of the discharge site to confirm that the risk remains low. Following completion of the bypass and after confirmation that the risk is low based on water quality results, the advisory sign will be removed.

June 5, 2019 1:26 PM

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