Lyse Doucet: Reporting from a Troubled World

Lyse Doucet, one of the most important journalists working in the world today, visits the Salt Spring Forum on Saturday, June 1.

As Chief International Correspondent for the BBC, Lyse Doucet has for more than two decades reported on the ground from Jerusalem, Amman, Islamabad, Tehran and Kabul about some of the world’s most intense conflicts. She has also been eye-witness to such natural disasters as the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Our Forum audience will have the opportunity to hear about her experiences in a turbulent world, to discuss the current threat of war between the US and Iran, and to touch on another current war: that being waged against journalism itself by political movements that mistrust objective reporting of facts.

A particular point of pride for us in her visit is that Lyse Doucet happens to be Canadian, celebrated last year with the Order of Canada, and in Britain with an OBE in the Queen’s Honours list in 2014.

The Forum event starts at 7:30 at ArtSpring. Tickets are available from Salt Spring Books or from the ArtSpring Box Office (537-2102) or ArtSpring’s online ticket centre. Tickets are $15 for Forum members or $20 for all others.

May 28, 2019 11:03 AM

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