Community Economic Development Commission Calls for Comprehensive Strategic Planning for the Villages of Ganges & Fulford

The Salt Spring Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) is seeking an updated framework and strategy for development and revitalization for both Ganges and Fulford Villages. At the Island Local Trust Committee meeting on May 28, commissioners made a formal presentation calling for trustees to re-initiate the Villages Area Plan, commenced in 2013, and produce a comprehensive plan that presents an integrated sustainable vision and framework for strategic directions to guide a thriving future for the Villages.

CEDC Chair Francine Carlin says both Villages require an updated framework and strategy for development and revitalization. “We are aware of innovative projects that have considerable public benefit that are facing frustration and delay due to the lack of a coherent and comprehensive strategic plan for these Villages – vital to the economic well-being of Salt Spring.”

According to the CEDC, a comprehensive village plan for Fulford and Ganges will provide a better blueprint for development appropriate to a protected rural environment. The current model pits environmental protection against the social needs for a community of 10,000 people. A climate emergency has been declared and a proactive process to develop comprehensive village plans will provide the entire community with better guidance on how to achieve it.

While working as advocates, facilitators and project leaders in efforts to increase the economic health of our community, the CEDC is currently supporting several community initiatives. These include: encouraging green businesses, managing tourism destination, supporting artisans and small-scale producers to strengthen and sustain a year-round economy.

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May 28, 2019 3:20 PM

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