Tofino Mayor Josie Osborne visits Salt Spring Forum

If you’ve been to Tofino in the last couple of years you will know that it’s a cool place. Not only are the beaches and the surfing and the mountains excellent, but the community looks to be thriving. Local government clearly has done well, not only in fostering a strong economy, but also at preserving important ecological and social values.

How have they done this, and is there a darker side that we do not see on our short visits?

Josie Osborne has been mayor of Tofino for a number of years and her leadership, informed by her background both as a marine biologist and as a businesswoman, have been key to the development of the town.

Josie Osborne will be the Salt Spring Forum’s guest on Saturday, May 25 starting at 7:30 at ArtSpring.

The Forum conversation will focus on the similarities and differences between Tofino and Salt Spring Island and on what lessons we can draw as a community from her experiences. Questions like:

What are the opportunities and dangers of a tourism based economy in our region?

How can a community tackle the pressing problems of affordable housing, especially for service sector and seasonal workers?

How can small communities like ours simultaneously seek economic growth and be leaders in preserving environmental sustainability?

As always, the Forum event will be a conversation between the audience and our guest, so bring your questions and issues for discussion.

Tickets for the event cost $15 for Forum members and $20 for others. They are available from Salt Spring Books or from the ArtSpring Box Office (or ArtSpring’s on-line ticket service).

May 15, 2019 3:06 PM

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