People Profile: Marialyn and Tom Boekbinder from El Loco Taco

Community People Profiles on the Salt Spring Exchange feature local personalities on our island home. These profiles are short interviews that share with us a little about what each of these folks are thinking about as they go about their lives and work on Salt Spring Island.

This profile features Marialyn and Tom Boekbinder from El Loco Taco

Marialyn and Tom arrived on Salt Spring Island 5 years ago. Tom is a retired Veterinarian ad after some time got bored. Tom loves to cook and feed people and Marialyn loves working with people and serving them. They purchased the El Loco Taco Mexican food shop last November and have been working hard to learn the business, new for both of them. Making improvements in the menu ingredients, such as fresh meats, smoked on premises and other fresh ingredients. With the addition of the full restaurant, licensed, they hope to make this a place for local to come and eat great food, have a drink and socialize.

What brought you to Salt Spring Island?

Tom has been coming to Salt Spring Island for at least 20 years. Always having it in mind to live here. In 2013, with his retirement from veterinary practice, he brought his partner Marialyn with him to visit Salt Spring. And it did not take long for Marialyn to live here as well. After searching the Real Estate market they found a small home, which suited their purposes well. They have an 11 year old daughter Sophie who many folks know as she is very outgoing and friendly and just loves people.

What one thing about Salt Spring would you tell someone who has never visited the island?

It is different here. Not all amenities are available. And yet the community experience and slower pace is worth it.

If you had a magic Salt Spring wand, what island thing would you change?

Simplify the Islands Trust and CRD bureaucracy so they become supportive of local business. They are civil servants, to my mind meaning they are there to serve us, the residents. Help us get through the regulations, do not throw up road blocks and add complexity to their processes.

Which well known person, living or dead, do you think would be a good addition to the island?

Albert Einstein

Is there a special project, business or initiative you are working on that islanders should know about?

Turning El Loco Taco into a venue for locals to come and enjoy great food and drinks at reasonable prices. To have El Loco Taco be a hub for local social interaction.

Is there a really good interview question we should have asked you?

Why did you come out of retirement to run a restaurant?

How would you have answered your question?

Tom loves to feed people and interact with the community, hopefully in a meaningful way. Marialyn likes to work with people. And Tom is easily bored and impatient. This keeps us busy.

Marialyn and Tom Boekbinder from El Loco Taco

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May 9, 2019 11:32 AM