Community Health Society Undertakes Community Health Needs Assessment

The Salt Spring Community Health Society (SSCHS), in conjunction with Wave Consulting Ltd., will undertake a Community Health Needs Assessment starting on May 6. The needs assessment, which will focus on Salt Spring Islanders' perceptions of available health services and any gaps they feel exist, will be the final - and most comprehensive - research and information-gathering step the Community Health Society has undertaken since it’s inception. A special effort is being made to reach vulnerable and isolated populations and people who may not normally complete a survey.

In order to develop a questionnaire specifically for Salt Spring Island, the Community Health Society and Wave Consulting have gathered together an Advisory Group of 21 members representing local community organizations, health care, mental health, and social service providers. Once the survey is complete, the Health Society will share the results with the community.

"In widely sharing the analysis of the data collected, everyone will be better informed about what health care services currently exist and what services are missing. We believe it could also provide a building block for a comprehensive, community health, mental health, and social services strategy. This would be instrumental in informing system-wide planning on Salt Spring," says Curt Firestone, President of the Salt Spring Community Health Society. "We’re excited to give the community the opportunity to have a say."

The Salt Spring Community Health Society's Community Health Needs Assessment has been made possible through donations from numerous individuals CRD Grant-in-Aid funding.

SSCHS is a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to promote community health by seeking to expand local access to primary health care on Salt Spring Island and to support an inter-professional community health centre.

A link to the survey and a list of locations where people can pick up an optional paper survey will be available at from May 6 to June 3.

May 2, 2019 8:00 AM

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