Fire Board Election Monday April 29, 2019: Risk of Foreign Influence?

Is there a risk that foreign powers will try to influence our 2019 Fire Board Trustee election? The good news is: Absolutely not. Nobody outside of Salt Spring Island really cares how we structure and manage our fire service.

But this also shows how uniquely isolated we are as an island. While the Crofton Fire Department can call seven other departments for help, and they will respond within a very short period of time, our fire fighters here must deal with any possible threat scenario with the equipment, manpower and tools that they have at their disposal.

The big storm before Christmas was an eye opener for our island. Within less than two hours of the storm hitting, the Island was completely disabled. Many residents lost power and even road access for weeks. While our emergency service and many volunteers were working tirelessly to a point of exhaustion, this storm showed how limited our resources really are when disaster hits.

How will it look like if the big earthquake hits us? In the current situation, it is very unlikely that our asbestos filled, leaking and rotten firehall, built in 1959, would be still standing. The urgent need for a new firehall that can service today’s requirements even on a basic level, is undeniable. Discussions and attempts have been made for years, with no results.

Salt Spring needs a new fire hall, and there can’t be any more excuses. If you care about our island’s fire service, please vote for ANDREAS GEDEON and JO MACDONALD at the advance poll on Wednesday, April 24 or on voting day - Monday, April 29 between 9am and 5pm at the Ganges Fire Hall Training Room.

We will get the job done.

April 7, 2019 3:17 PM