100+ Women Who Care Raise $17,000 in Under an Hour for Local Charities

On the evening of Tuesday, March 5, 100+ Women Who Care Salt Spring held its second meeting. Prior to this meeting, members had nominated 18 local charities. Members randomly drew three of the nominees during this meeting: Greenwoods Eldercare Society, Salt Spring Therapeutic Riding Association, and Island Pathways.

Members heard a compelling presentation for each of the three charities, but it is one presentation that attracted the most votes at the end of the evening. Gail Muise presented for the Salt Spring Therapeutic Riding Association (SSTRA), an organization that serves a wide age range of people who have differing abilities and needs. Her words and message convinced enough members to cast their secret ballot for the SSTRA, and this organization became the second recipient of the collected donations — $17,000 total!

Since its inaugural meeting in November, the group has grown from 129 to 170 women. With each woman donating $100 per meeting, the sum totalled an impressive $17,000, raised in less than one hour. Recipient charities are able to use 100% of these funds in ways that they need most, as long as the charity’s efforts benefit the community.

Gail said afterwards, “The meeting last night was totally incredible for me and will be a game changer for SSTRA. I really love the whole concept and execution of 100 Women because, no matter who wins, it is a wonderful feeling to know that we have all made a difference in the daily life of a nonprofit. However, when the cheque was turned around to face the audience and I saw our name on it, it was an indescribable feeling of joy that swept through me.”

Erika Ponsford, a staff member of SSTRA, said, “When I saw our name on the cheque, my first reaction was that my body had goosebumps all over followed by the warm feeling you get when you have achieved something great and amazing. This money will go along way for us.”

Maryann Bird, a member of the planning committee, commented, “I was so impressed by the energy and interest in the room. 100+Women Salt Spring really demonstrates the caring nature of our community.”

The concept is simple: 100+ women, one hour, $100 donation, equals $10,000+ of immediate impact for a local charity each meeting. The next meeting is May 15, 2019, from 7 to 8 pm at the ArtSpring Gallery Space. The social begins at 6 pm. Members must nominate their charity at least 4 weeks in advance.

All photos by Ramona Lam Photography


By Coreen Boucher

Staff Writer, Salt Spring Exchange News

March 13, 2019 1:33 PM

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