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Promoting Sustainable Transportation on Salt Spring Island ~ I am pleased to announce that the ArtSpring EV chargers are back in operation.  This was the first EV Charger on SSI and has been working reliably for 6 years.
The original wands (the thing that plugs into your car) wore out from overuse (which is kind of a good thing - wink).  The new wands are far superior to the original ones.  Larger contacts - better materials, etc.
I would like to thank Julian Sale of Motorize - Your EV Store, for sourcing the wands and doing the replacement work at no charge, Jeff Chamberland of Bearfoot Renewables for the removal and re-installation and Erin at ArtSpring for running the panel.
This is a good time to remind folks that ArtSpring does not own the chargers, Transition Salt Spring does.  The EV group (a sub-group of TSS) tries to provide funding via the donation box to cover the electricity usage, repairs, eventual replacement, and signage (behind the chargers and pavement).  However, to date donations only cover a portion (estimated at 40%) of the electrical bill.  We have to look to other sources for the remaining costs.  The cost to replace the wands this time is estimated at $700.
A big thank you to those of you that made a specific donation to TSS for the wand replacement.  We totally appreciate it.  The donations total fell short of the replacement cost, but every bit counts.
This is also a good time to remind folks of some guidelines on charger use on Salt Spring Island.
  • Please restrict your stay at the chargers to a maximum of 2 hours.  Other folks need them.  Especially tourists.
  • If there is a donation box (ArtSpring, SS Library, Fulford Hall), please donate $1 - $2 per hour for the use of the charger.
  • Please use an EV Group etiquette card if you have one to inform others others of your specific need.  If you need one - contact me.
  • Please replace the chords nice and neat after your use.
  • Never unplug another vehicle that is charging (unless the green side of the SSI etiquette card is displayed)
Please drop by the TSS booth at the Film Festival next weekend.  Members of the EV group will be there to answer your questions .
Jim Standen
Team Lead,
EV Group,
Salt Spring Island
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By Jim Standen

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February 25, 2019 1:26 PM

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