Salt Spring’s First Neighbourhood Small Grants Announced

The Salt Spring Island Foundation, in partnership with Salt Spring Island Community Services, is pleased to announce the recipients of our first Neighbourhood Small Grants. The Neighbourhood Small Grants program offers grants of $50 to $500 to local projects and events run by people who are passionate about giving back to the community and who have seen a need to encourage social connections in order to make Salt Spring a better place.

Unlike regular Foundation grants, which can only be awarded to registered charities, Neighbourhood Small Grants are awarded to individuals with great ideas to bring people together, share skills and knowledge, build a sense of community belonging and responsibility, and respect and celebrate diversity.

Glitter Queens Gathering

The Glitter Queens Gathering will bring together girls in grades 6–8 to create community, share skills and song circles, and expose them to diverse opportunities and interests. At each Glitter Queens circle, a woman will introduce and teach a skill or trade to the girls, providing them with fun and empowering skills that they can take into their home and school lives.

Community in the Birthing Year

This event will bring together pregnant and post-partum women and their infants, partners and older children to make connections to assist in building a healthy family, social and informational network. It addresses the need for non-medical support for our Salt Spring "neighbourhood community" of families in the birthing year from pregnancy until babies are 12 months of age.

Parents’ Clothing Swap

The clothing swap will be a fun community gathering where parents can exchange clothing that no longer fits their children. To be held at a community hall, the event will be open to all and will also include toys or other appropriate items. Childcare will be provided.

Rainbow Road Allotment Garden Gathering and Interpretive Centre Gardeners at the Rainbow Road Allotment are creating a demonstration site and interpretative centre to showcase best practices in food production and water conservation. This enhanced space will provide a safe and accessible area for the gardeners to gather, socialize and share their gardening experiences with each other and the wider community.

Community Tea Party

Inspired by the video of the Tea Nomad, who travels around offering free tea, friendship and sharing, this Salt Spring community tea party will be held in a central, public location. The free and inclusive event will provide an opportunity to celebrate diversity by bringing together people who might not normally meet.

Horel Road Block Party

The block party will be the first ever held in this rural neighbourhood. The casual coffee party will provide an opportunity for neighbours to meet, enjoy some goodies and begin the process of getting to know each other. The goal is to create more a tightly knit neighbourhood where people know each other by name and watch out for each other.

Young People on Farms Concert and Party

This event will bring together young people engaged in the Salt Spring farming community. The goal is to help combat isolation and provide an increased sense of belonging and connection over shared interests and information. The party will feature local entertainment and produce.

Creative Collective Series

This art and craft skill-share series provides an opportunity to learn from local craftspeople who will each facilitate a four-hour “play-shop” on their chosen craft to a group of 10–12 people per session, first come, first registered. Sessions may include working with indigo dye, leather work, macramé, knitting, sewing and drawing.

Park/Kanaka/ Desmond Block Party

Residents of the Park/Kanaka/Desmond neighbourhood will be holding a block party to bring neighbours together for food and information sharing, featuring a specific focus on emergency preparedness.

Chili Cook-Off and Christmas Light-Up

On December 1, Salt Spring will kick off the holiday season with the 7th annual chilli cook off and light-up in Ganges. The family event features chili tasting, hot apple cider, Santa and Viva Chorale carollers.