Forum: From Ferries to Floatplanes

With many new pipeline projects stalled & existing ones running at capacity, oil patch producers are turning increasingly to rail to transport their product. How safe is this? Should we be concerned?

What about ferries and floatplanes? Ferry accidents claim thousands of lives in other countries, but not in Canada. Floatplanes are one of the most dangerous forms of transportation in the world, but not here. Why is this?

When you think about it, Salt Spring Islanders rely on federally-regulated transportation every single day.

Kathy Fox, Chair of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB), joins the Salt Spring Forum for a wide-ranging conversation about transportation safety on Sunday, November 11th at 7:30 PM at ArtSpring. The TSB investigates accidents and makes recommendations relating to marine, pipeline, rail and air safety.

Fox began her career as an air traffic controller in Quebec. She then moved to Air Traffic Services Headquarters in Ottawa, assuming progressively senior positions. In 1996, Fox transferred to NAV CANADA, the company that owns and operates Canada’s air navigation service. She eventually become Vice-President of Operations.

After retiring from NAV CANADA in 2007, Fox was appointed as a Member of the TSB. A decade later, she became the Chair.

Among her many awards and distinctions, Fox has been inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame and the Women in Aviation International (WAI) Pioneer Hall of Fame. In her spare time, Fox is a flying instructor and recreational parachutist.

If you travel on ferries or fly on floatplanes, this is one Salt Spring Forum event you do not want to miss!

Tickets: ArtSpring (250-537-2102 and online) and Salt Spring Books. $15 - 2018/19 Forum Members; $20 General. Students & low-income residents email

November 7, 2018 12:19 PM