Salt Spring Island vs Saltspring Island?

Way back in 2013, we dared wade into one of the oldest controversies on the island; What is the proper naming convention of this island we call home?

At the time, we thought the issue was resolved with over 75% of the island making it clear that the proper convention was Salt Spring Island. One thing we learned for certain is that it's definitely not Salt SpringIsland as per the unfortunate, and semi-famous, BC Ferries sign in this story.

Fast forward five years, and we're still seeing some new residents and off island guests using Saltspring Island as their preferred name. It's clear the matter may not be settled, so we're taking the pulse again with this poll to see if this can be resolved once and for all.

Note: The poll is now closed. The people have spoken (as have Canada Post and the Government of Canada). See the poll results below. It's Salt Spring Island, again. This time with an even greater number of poll participants with a wider margin of support indicating the correct convention is Salt Spring Island.

But does this mean it's settled once and for all?

October 22, 2018 3:05 PM

  • DoloresBG says:

    Now if only we could get people to pronounce Prevost properly. ; ).
    (Pre (silent e) Voe (hard o, silent e, with a bit of a French accent if you want.... but a stealthy and silent s and t). Wrap your head around that one.