Robin Williams for CRD Director, A Platform to Get Things Done

With the Election tomorrow, Saturday October 20th. The Robin Williams for CRD Director presents a concise review of his platform. All the points listed are within the CRD area of responsibility and are achievable within the four year term.

This election for CRD Director presents a solid choice, one an endorsement of the status quo and my platform a vision for the future. I will pay particular attention to the report conducted in 2007 following the Tennis Court Roof Financial fiasco. I will enact the recommendations by giving PARC back management authority and giving all commission volunteers training and support. These people will be treated with respect. This will return decision making to the island.

In this election, I have been the only candidate to discuss finances. I have long learned how easy it is for politicians to spend other people's money, our money, your money. The fact is I am not a career politician I am a man of business with a strong financial and managerial skill set. I demonstrated this at the Islands Trust Financial Planning Committee where I pushed back a 3.5% tax increase to a more reasonable 2%. I will work towards an inter agency island budget.

I will effectively manage the current ten million dollars of CRD infrastructure projects including Drake Road affordable housing. I will provide support for the new Hospital Emergency and Health Centre additions, I will lobby for the return of the $900,000 plus annual requisition we give to the CRD Regional Hospital District, and for the $400,000 plus we give Regional Parks. I will lobby for a seat on Island Health (VIHA). This will not only assist in the development of the Lady Minto Hospital but is important to affordable housing as Island Health controls water and mental health funding.

I will conduct an SSI CRD Administrative review and install clear performance standards I will hire an Executive Assistant who will work with on island volunteers. I will have two alternates with delegated authority, one for Utilities the other for PARC, Trails and Nature and Regional Parks. This I will accomplish within the first one hundred days of being sworn in.

I will personally handle the relationship with MOTI. Most importantly I will stand up for Salt Spring, stay calm and above all get things done.

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Contact details Robin Williams 250-537-7776

October 19, 2018 8:32 AM