Balance Matters

I am running for the Islands Trust because I believe it is time for strong new leadership that is more attuned to the needs of today’s diverse population. I know we can honour the mandate of the Islands Trust while also strengthening the fabric of our communities, local small businesses and farms, and important services.  I have proven leadership abilities, I like to get things done, and I want to work with the people of this community.

Since the outcome of the incorporation vote last fall, many islanders are seeking and developing ideas to improve governance on our island.  Improvement begins with the island’s elected officials working effectively together and across the various organizations.

Elect me and I will get to work on:  maintaining and strengthening our environmental safeguards to keep Salt Spring and the Trust Area special; finding both immediate and long-term innovative solutions to our housing crisis that is affecting too many fellow islanders – especially our workforce; and, improving our governance and cross-organization coordination and collaboration to be more responsive to our local needs.

To inform my decision to run for the Trust, I reached out to islanders and island organizations to hear their concerns.   I believe my campaign platform, which was made publicly available on the day I announced my candidacy, demonstrates that I can think and feel with empathy and that I care about the decisions I make.

Even my nomination documents show that I listen and care.  A “yes” person and “no” person nominated me.  Not just yes and no, but a man and women.

I did not seek endorsements, but I received them from a wide range of people and organizations.  These endorsements also demonstrate that I have an ability to find balance in what is often considered extreme positions.

I believe the Islands Trust can do more to improve governance by:

  • Improving coordination and collaboration with the other governments and agencies that have an influence on local planning and services such as CRD, Island Health, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and BC Housing.
  • Engaging our community in determining our priorities and developing ways that help us to know if we are making progress.
  • Listening to the needs of our island’s green businesses, farmers and cottage industries and finding innovative land use solutions that recognize their valued contribution to a healthy community.
  • Addressing the many problems we face on Salt Spring, by reaching out and working with other Island Trust Area communities and their Trustees where they are facing similar challenges.

I look forward to hearing more of your ideas on how to improve governance and cross-organization coordination to be more responsive to local needs and a changing world.

October 18, 2018 11:38 AM