Positively Forward releases its report, "Improving Capital Regional District (CRD) Service Delivery on Salt Spring Island: options for positive change"

Positively Forward is pleased to announce the release of its report, "Improving Capital Regional District(CRD) Service Delivery on Salt Spring Island: options for positive change" . A team of researchers, writers and their editor prepared the 44- page report, working for more than ten months to complete the study. Their work is based, in large part, on the evidence, analysis and observations provided by 32 people, all of whom, in different capacities, have first hand experience working with or for the CRD These include current or former CRD directors and staff members, as well as current or former CRD commissioners , local service commissioners and consultants to the CRD.

Their information was collected from in depth personal interviews and through questionnaires.

Lead researcher, Maxine Leichter said: " The report is the culmination of a great deal of effort and commitment on the part of many people, not least of whom are those who agreed to be interviewed about CRD service delivery. Without their input, this report would not have been possible."
The report's intent is to serve as a community tool in two ways . Firstly , as a means to foster informed dialogue about how CRD services are delivered on Salt Spring ; and secondly, to provide a roadmap for potential changes that could improve delivery of those services.

The report looks at what is working well and investigates what is not and why. It is designed as a blue print for change in those areas of service delivery where deficiencies have been identified. The research has been extensive and the writers are, sometimes, blunt in conveying their findings. "To be absolutely clear, the aim of this report is in no way to discredit the CRD on Salt Spring, but rather to demonstrate the rationale for initiating some changes. The report presents clear, strategic solutions to remedy pressing problems, and, thereby, enhance service delivery, " said Positively Forward spokesperson, Patricia Lockie.

The report lists thirteen recommendations for positive change. Included among them are the formation of a locally elected CRD Local Community Commission(LCC); the preparation of a public, up-dated CRD Work Plan listing projects, overall priorities, funding and status of each project, along with the Commission and CRD staff person responsible; and the creation of an interagency working group for the purpose of improving the coordination of community
services among the CRD, Islands Trust and other agencies charged with the delivery of services on Salt Spring.

Printed copies of the report are also available at the library.

September 27, 2018 9:09 AM