Rant: Road Work Salt Spring Style?

I’m not the kind of person to rant. I’m more of a ‘let’s be creative and craft good ideas’ kind of person. But this? This would seem to deserve a rant. I can't see the creativity or the crafting of good ideas here. Maybe I'm missing something?

Clear road lines on narrow, winding, often shoulderless, wet island roads are vital for safety. We waited, again, for years to have decent lines re-painted on the island (Side rant why do paint lines on the island hardly last?). So when we recently had some of the lines on our islands roads redone, I, like many, were delighted that locals and visitors had some better sense of what their side of the road looks like.

Now, not less than a few weeks after the lines are down, at great cost, effort and environmental expense, road crews patched up and down Fulford-Ganges intermittently covering up a good bit of sections of all the fresh paint.

I'm grateful the roadwork was done, but why it couldn’t have been done before the paint should be a basic question all rate payers and anyone concerned about safety and environmental degradation should ask.

In basic project management processes, when you make anything, a house, dinner, etc. Anything that has steps. You do one thing, then another, in an order that doesn’t waste capital, energy or resources. It's basic.

We now have a terrible patchwork of paint on the main road of our island. It will costs thousands to fix, and waste countless additional gallons of toxic paint, if it is even fixed at all.

We should be disappointed, and we should expect more.

August 25, 2018 3:26 PM

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