EV Show: Electrifying Enlightenment

After visiting the electric car show at the farmer’s institute this weekend I became curious about these vehicles and so decided to do some research. Electric vehicles on Salt Spring have become increasingly popular due to their cost efficiency, environmental friendliness, and energy adeptness.

Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Ford, and Smart Car have all been named as some of the best manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs), the car prices range from the high price of $101,500 to $23,800. Electric vehicles may cost more initially than gas-powered cars, however, in the long run, EVs are cheaper to operate; the most significant cost decrease will be from fuel no longer being a necessity, and since gas on Salt Spring is at a current high compared to past prices this aspect of electric cars is definitely worth their upfront price. Not only are the motors of electric vehicles quiet but they require far less maintenance than gas-powered cars, and their AEV motors are highly responsive with good torque.

Electric cars hold a lot of promise for the future of the environment, and as the effects of global warming become more evident and more of a public concern, EVs have become a great response to the environmental concerns of gas-power vehicles. Electric cars dramatically reduce the number of greenhouse gases as they receive power from plants that don’t produce greenhouse gases, and even if coal-burning plants power electric vehicles, they would still reduce carbon emissions by 22% compared to gas vehicles. Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-In Hybrids, states that the increased use of electric cars can reduce smog-forming pollutants by as much as 32% to 99%. Which may not mean so much on small-town Salt Spring but if we want to keep seeing the beautiful stars every night we should keep this in mind.

Energy adeptness refers to the quantity of energy that comes from the fuel source that is converted into actual energy for powering a vehicle. Gas powered cars turn somewhere in between 17% and 21% of electricity into vehicle movement, whereas AEVs are incredibly more efficient, their batteries convert 59% to 62%. Another commonly asked question is how much electricity does an EV use in a year, British Columbia’s average per kWh is approximately fourteen cents, a Nissan Leaf require thirty kWh for 161 km, (about three trips up and down Salt Spring) only costs $4.20.

In conclusion, electric cars are worth the initial price because of their cost efficiency, which is due to EVs low maintenance, and lack of gas, their environmental friendliness, and their energy adeptness compared to gas-powered vehicles.

Submitted by a local visitor to the EV show.

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June 24, 2018 8:33 AM

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