Calling for Creative Bus Shelter Designs

Island Bus Shelters is a new group of community volunteers. In collaboration with the Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission (SSITC), we are inviting artists and designer/fabricator teams to submit proposals for creative bus shelters to recommend to the Capital Regional District.

Project Philosophy - Salt Spring’s charm lies in its rural character and the absence of homogenized urban features. We are arts and tourism driven. A hand-crafted bus shelter expresses who we are as a community. Salt Spring is not about following the lead of other communities or accepting conventions; we are confident in going our own way. The Official Community Plan provides a clear mandate: “We … accept our responsibility to be the stewards of our island home..... to ensure that it remains rural..... We appreciate the extraordinary artistic and creative talents among our residents.”

Bus shelters can be a form of public art and an expression of our unique island home. To source bus shelters off-island runs counter to the Chamber of Commerce recommendation that we shop locally. The benefits of local spending are self-evident.

Community Consultation - The community was asked for ideas for a shelter at Country Grocer in 2012; seven inspired designs were received and Matt Brain’s “Moon Snail” emerged as the winner.

Design-Build Project - This is a design-build project. The artist or design/fabrication team is to be responsible for all phases of design, fabrication, delivery and installation.

Shelter Locations - Designs are sought for three potential locations in the first instance:

  • Heritage Place opposite Country Grocer to replace the urban generic model which has been installed there temporarily.

  • Central intersection next to the Community Hall (northbound)


  • Cusheon Lake Road and Fulford-Ganges Road (northbound)



Criteria and Guidelines - We are looking for designs that take the shelter location into account, are unique, structurally sound and feasible to fabricate. Designs must conform to the bus shelter guidelines adopted by the SSITC. The use of re-purposed materials or ecologically-friendly construction methods are encouraged but not mandatory.

Budget - One must safeguard the expenditure of taxpayer funds. However, soliciting local design options for shelters is an essential first step; only then may one compare the cost of a made-in-Salt-Spring variant versus a generic model. Island Bus Shelters and the SSITC are expecting creative bus shelter proposals in the $15-25,000 range. Each shelter budget should include artist fees, engineer certification fees, fabrication, site preparation, installation and applicable taxes.

Proposal Submissions - Design proposals are sought by September 1st. A community jury will select the winning design(s) for consideration by the SSITC and the CRD. The goal is to schedule the contract awards and construction in early 2019.

For further information:

We want to hear from you.

June 18, 2018 8:58 PM

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