Aerial Photo Series of Salt Spring Island

We're starting a new photo sharing series with images taken in and around Salt Spring from the air. We have a beautiful collection from over the years and have been given more to share with the community and we'll add this collection over time. If you have a great photo you'd like to have us consider adding, contact us and share the image with us. You can also get all our photos in our Instagram feed. Enjoy!

Photo: CA

Video: Uri Cogan

Video: Uri Cogan

Video: Uri Cogan

Fulford - 2018 - Photo: CA

Fulford Harbour - 2018 - Photo: CA

Ganges and Ganges Harbour - 2018 - Photo: CA

Long Harbour - 2018 - Photo: CA

Sansum Narrows - 2018 - Photo: Christopher Roy

Walker's Hook - 2018 - Photo: CA

Xwaaqw'um Valley - 2018 - Photo: Christopher Roy

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