Fire News: Chief’s Response Report – 2018 April

In April 2018, Salt Spring Fire Rescue responded to 41 incidents including:

  • Three commercial and one residential alarm bell,
  • Three calls for assistance,
  • One beach fire,
  • One chemical spill or leak,
  • One BC Hydro fire,
  • 21 medical assistance calls,
  • Two motor vehicle incidents,
  • Six open burn calls,
  • One rescue, and
  • One chimney fire.

Operations Update

Thanks to Happy Dogs Legacy Campaign, Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue has outfitted our frontline apparatus with pet oxygen masks. These special oxygen masks allow us to provide pets that have been exposed to smoke the best possible chance of recovery.

April 11th the Province of BC announced proposed amendments to the Workers Compensation Act. The suggested change to legislation will add PTSD and other mental disorders to the list of conditions that are recognized as being presumptive conditions associated with firefighting and other emergency professions. This is the first step towards providing more support for our firefighters who are first on the scene at challenging, and often dangerous and traumatic, situations.


First Responders had the great opportunity to have guest instructor, Salt Spring Island midwife Erin Lindstrom, teach our members emergency child birth. (This month, our firefighters responded to an emergency childbirth and delivered a healthy baby.) We would like to thank Erin for sharing her expertise and presenting this important topic to our responders.

Ten members were successfully re-certified for their First Responder licence. (First Responders under Emergency Medical Assistant - EMA - must re-certify every three years.)

Staff attended a three-day workshop on new software being introduced into the department. The new Microsoft SharePoint system will replace our current file management system.

Our 2018 recruits have all successfully completed their first official exam towards their NFPA 1001 standard.

Crews trained on several disciplines over the month. Topics included: Marina Firefighting, First Responder, and Fire Ground Operations.

Inspection and Public Education Division

The Inspection Division completed: four annual Commercial Building fire and life safety inspections as well as a request to conduct a residential inspection.

Two driveway inspections were carried out and one bylaw referral. There was one request for a Fire Safety Plan review, and we had four fire site consultations.

Our Fire and Life Safety educators assisted the P.A.R.T.Y. Program at Lady Minto Hospital. The two-day session taught high school students how to Prevent Alcohol Related Trauma for Youth (PARTY). Over two-hundred (200) students attended the hands-on session with our partners from VIHA, RCMP, and BCAS.

Our Educators also taught basic first aid for children to 12 new parents at Family Place and twenty-one SSI Co-Op pre school children on basic fire and life safety.

We have several FireSmart events planned for this coming May and June with the Salt Spring Island Conservancy, SSI Garden Club, and a neighbourhood POD group. If you are interested in hosting an event to share valuable FireSmart and other fire and life safety information, please contact the Ganges Firehall at 250-537-2531 or through the website:

On May 6th and May 12th Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue partnered with Salt Spring Island Chipping and The Salt Spring Island Conservancy for two invasive plant drop off events. Even if you missed these events, getting rid of extremely flammable and invasive Scotch Broom and Gorse is wise. Remember, cutting Broom in bloom is the best way to eradicate these plants and reduce the amount of our island’s wildfire fuel.

May 15, 2018 9:55 AM

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