Fire News: Chief’s Response Report – 2018 March

In March 2018, Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue responded to 45 incidents including:

- Three alarms (two residential and one carbon monoxide,)

- Five calls for assistance,

- Twenty calls for medical assistance,

- Two motor vehicle incidents,

  • Six open burns,
  • Five structure fires,
  • Three vehicle fires and
  • One false alarm.

With rainfall for both February and March lower than usual, firefighters are preparing for another hot, dry summer.

Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue received two letters of appreciations and two plaques from Emergency Management BC and the BC Wildfire Services for its response to the devastating wildfires of 2017.


This month’s Tuesday night training included:

- First Responder skills,

- rescue boat training;

- firehose handling;

- Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA); and

- fire extinguishers.

Our recruit class of twelve also spent 50 hours training to become First Responders. This course is delivered in house by our members and ranges from basic first aid to emergency childbirth.

Inspection and Public Education Division

Salt Spring Island Fire Inspectors conducted 14 Commercial Fire and Life Safety Inspections along with five fire site consultations. They also performed a High-Risk Activity Inspection for a subdivision site and reviewed one Commercial Fire Safety Plan.

Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue has been approved for two summer student Co-Op positions, one for administration and one for a Pre-Fire Planner. This Pre-Planner university student will begin in May and will focus on developing a Pre Fire plan for commercial structures as well as an island Wildfire Pre-Plan. These plans are used by firefighters during emergencies.

Our Public Education Team presented FireSmart information at the 2nd Annual Home and Garden show, a two-day event that attracted over 1350 attendees. Lt Mitchell Sherrin, one of the guest speakers, taught attendees about wise FireSmart plant choices.

Firefighters also visited one home to provide a complementary FireSmart inspection. If you would like one of the FireSmart experts to visit your home, please contact the Ganges Firehall at 250-537-2531 or

For more information on FireSmart please visit

April 15, 2018 9:52 AM

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