2018 Country Grocer Valentines Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Valentines photo contest sponsored by Country Grocer. The winning prize this year was for a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Auntie Pestos. Winners were selected by random draw. And! There were so many great pictures submitted this year that we're giving away even more prizes. Congratulations and thanks to all the couples who sent in amazing photos of their love. Check out all the photos and scroll to the bottom to find out if you won!

Janine Fernandes-Hayden and Richard Hayden

Janice Dickie and Greg Taylor

James Cowan and Shannon Cowan - $50 Gift Card Winner

Jackson Sweet and Tianna Jerome

Emily McCallum and Patrick McCallum

Elle Darling and Jordan Goodbrand

Bronwyn Stocks and Jamin Stocks

Cindy Rabson and Jan Rabson

Danielle Sandy and Mike Horan

Dianne English and Nicholas Gaitt

Don Maierhoffer and Dawne Maierhoffer

Elizabeth Cronin and Julian Cronin

Brenda Bowes and Bud Bowes

Bev Unsworth and Bob Brawn

Anna Haltrecht and Ian Van-Wyck

Angela Sandberg and Don Sandberg

Andrew Hall and Kathleen Hall -$50 Gift Card Winner

Ananda Relph and Andrew Crossley

Lorcan Pitcher and William Curtin

Alicia Shourounis and Connor May

Jeannine Munn and Daniel Rudick

Jen Kerrigan and Matt Kerrigan

Joe Robertson and Aleta Campbell

Juno Malcolm and Aaron Lott

Justyne Wild and Dane Wild

Kate Turney and Mike Lakin

Katie Keltika and Russ Bloomfield

Katie Severn and Stephen Severn

Kelly Tarzwell and Martin Harper

Kim Dalton and Aron Dalton

Kimoko Brown and Joseph Egan

Kristi Lee and Jordan Borth

Laura Travelbea and Brian Travelbea

Lee Ann Verboom-Miller and Dan Miller

Linda Dares and Ian Mott

Marakas Kaviladze and Greim Glonti

Marianne Butler and Brandon Lenters

Mary-Lynn Devereux and Mark Devereux

Maureen Chernick and Robert Chernick

Maureen Phelan and Michel Justras

Max Ely and Nixie Palm

Megan Kennedy and James MacDonald

Mya Hardman and Charlie Wilson

Mylene Dammel-Sherrin and Mitchell Sherrin

Neacol Miller and Stanley Miller

Nycli Samuels and John Helme

Patricia Flannagan and John Flannagan

Patricia Julie Champoux and Eliad Shankar-Levy

Peter Levitt and Shirley Graham

Renee Huber and Jon Epp

Rita Willoughby and Gerry Willoughby

Ruth Savage and John Savage

Ryo Sakamoto and Hope Caldwell

Sam Keating and Gyle Keating

Sarah Mccormick and Steven Prinsen

Sharon Donnelly-Yateman and Robert Yateman - $150 Auntie Pestos Winner

Shawna Rink and Keegan Rink

Staci Chimes and Josh Moore

Steph Arnold and Brandon Strickland

Suzy Wright and Shane Molholdt

Tanya Steeves and Andy Downing

Teresa Wasney and Paul Hogan

Tess Tremblay and Jeff Pringle

Tracy Harrison and Carl Borgstrom

Vail Paterson and Chris Clark

And the Winners Are!

Thank you for all the wonderful photos entered into our Country Grocer Valentines Photo Contest this year. The photos were amazing! Love thrives on Salt Spring Island! Here are the winners whose names were randomly drawn:

The winning couple for a dinner for two at Auntie Pesto’s, valued at $150, are Sharon Donelly-Yateman and Robert Yateman. Your prize is now available at our Lottery/Customer Service desk. In addition, we have $50 Gift Cards for James and Shannon Cowan and Andrew and Kathleen Hall!

And we also have something for all the rest of the entrants! As a thank you to each of you who sent in photos we have a Valentines treat of a 15% Discount Voucher at our Country Grocer SSI. For details on how to receive your gift cards or vouchers please email us at saltspringcommunityrelations@countrygrocer.com

February 14, 2018 2:41 PM

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