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Fire News: Chief’s November Incident Report

    Fire News    December 18, 2017

Salt Spring Island Fire-Rescue (SSIFR) responded to 45 calls in November 2017 making a total of 642 incidents this year. Firefighter responses this month included seven for assistance, 27 for medical emergencies, three for motor vehicle incidents, two for open burns, two for residential fires, and one for a vehicle fire.

On November 4, SSIFR responded to an early morning structure fire on Park Drive. With working smoke alarms and alert occupants, the fire was quickly detected and 911 alerted. Beginning in the chimney, the fire was quickly contained to the interior. Thirteen Firefighters, assisted by British Columbia Ambulance Services, Emergency Social Services, and BC Hydro, spent six hours controlling the fire.

On November 12, SSIFR responded to another structure fire, this time on Isabella Point Road. This fire started in discarded fireplace ash. Improperly stored ash is the culprit in many home fires each year. To avoid this hazard, store ash in a non-combustible container away from your home.

Committed to the principle that a Fire Savvy community is a safer community, SSIFR conducted 29 Commercial Fire and Life Safety Inspections, offered fire prevention tips to 180 community members at the Annual VIHA Flu Clinic, and preformed a smoke alarm check for 40 Roscommon residences. Of those 40 homes, 25 had outdated smoke alarms. SSIFR assisted in the installation of new fire alarms and batteries. Additionally, 48 GISS students received four Canadian Red Cross certified CPE/AED classes and nine school bus drivers were given fire extinguisher training.

Thanks to the Exchange’s new Fire News category, as well as as strong media presence, we are communicating with many islanders. That should continue to increase when we launch our new website in January: saltspringfire.com. Be sure to visit it and tell us what you think.

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