Fire News: I’ll Bet You Did Not Know. . . .

I thought that I knew quite a bit about what was happening on Salt Spring. Was I ever wrong!

I had absolutely no idea of all the interesting training initiatives the Salt Spring Island Fire-Rescue (SSIFR) team is offering to keep our community safe.

Worried about fire protection at home? SSIFR can help you with your carbon monoxide sensors and smoke detectors so that you - and they – can sleep better at night. How confident are you about being able to effectively use a fire extinguisher? (Be honest - how many of us have actually ever practiced this important skill?) That training is also being offered.

Did you know that SSIFR regularly visits neighbourhood gatherings and community groups to discuss FireSmart landscaping and garden-wise alternatives to burning? You are encouraged to invite its fire-safety educators to your event. And have you ever wondered how a building you frequent would be evacuated in case of fire? The SSIFR has already offered evacuation training to Art Spring, Greenwoods, and the schools. Would your organization like this kind of training for its building? Just ask.

And, that same SSIFR team is a frequent visitor to our schools, offering a wide variety of training, including fire drills and safety classes beginning at preschool and continuing throughout high school. Some of these classes include Grade 9 CPR/AED training, and Kitchen Safety Training for GISS Cafeteria students. Even car-seat clinics and individual car seat inspections are available for families with young ones.

Many of us know about the large community events the SSIFR offers our community, like the Halloween party and the wonderful Christmas Carol-rich holiday lighting of Centennial Park with its delicious samplings of the community’s best chili. But did you know about all these SSIFR options being offered to keep us safe? I certainly did not.

If you or your organization wants fire safety training of any kind, the SSIFR team can probably help. Interested? Visit the Ganges Fire Hall or phone 250-537-2531.


December 11, 2017 2:25 PM