Fire Rescue News - Chief's Fire and Emergency Incident Report

Firefighters responded to 44 incidents this month, making a total of 592 incidents for this year.

October 4: SSIFR Firefighters responded a nine-hour call comprised of four incidents - a medical call, a commercial fire alarm, a structure fire, and a vehicle fire on Sarah Way. The structure fire on Devine Road was a small kitchen fire that was quickly suppressed, but the vehicle fire on Sarah Way soon spread to become a structure fire as well. Firefighting crews did an amazing job putting a stop to this fast-growing fire and were able to salvage cherished keepsakes and family heirlooms.

October 8: Crews were called to a structure fire on Trincomali Drive. A commercial garden greenhouse was burning, and the fire was quickly spreading. Firefighters were able to minimize its spread, limiting damage to other buildings and the property.

October 25 Although not an emergency incident, SSIFR participated in the largest maritime training scenario in Canadian history with over one-thousand first responders involved. The full-day exercise allowed SSIFR members to test their abilities to respond to a mass casualty event, their medical skills, and their scene management abilities. The inter-agency training opportunity gave SSIFR a better understanding of the realities of a large-scale event on the island as well as the complexity and benefits of working with numerous emergency response agencies.

Other firefighting and medical response incidents in October (detailed below) included 13 medical calls, 6 calls for assistance, 9 outdoor fires, and 3 downed BC Hydro lines.

December 4, 2017 11:11 AM