Chilli and Charm This Saturday

When you think of a holiday kickoff, do you think of a chilli cook-off? That’s how Salt Spring islanders like to do it!

In the brisk air of Centennial Park on December 2, chilli fans will gather around tall heaters as the lineup winds its way toward the various chillis to sample. Mouths water as the aromas of spices fill the air. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with community members and listen to the festive melodies of Viva Chorale.

Each chilli is a unique, gourmet masterpiece. Last year, tasters sampled seafood chilli with whole mussels; West Indies chilli with lamb and chick peas; a spicy chilli that made the faces of the tender-throated redden; and local lamb chilli brimming with locally farmed veggies. To name a few!

The cook-off is from 4pm to 6pm, but come early! The chillis do get eaten. Before you head home, be sure to judge the best chilli, but stick around if you want to be there when the winner is announced. You can cool off your taste buds with apple cider, Pellegrino, and apple juice donated by Country Grocer.

Santa will pop by to add a dash of jollity before the Christmas light up. The fire hall, storefronts, and the giant tree in Centennial Park will all sparkle to life and make downtown Ganges twinkle! Country Grocer’s giant Christmas card will be lit next to the Christmas tree at Centennial Park. Stop by to experience the enormity of it and the sweetness of Norman W. Brooks’s poem.

“Ho ho ho!” ― it’s Christmas on Salt Spring!

And sometime in December, gather with friends and rewatch the silent Christmas film “Lucky’s Letter.” It’s 10 minutes of laughter and joy, created by Keith Picot and presented by Country Grocer. You’ll recognize many familiar faces!

Avatar of Coreen Boucher

By Coreen Boucher

Staff Writer, Salt Spring Exchange News

November 28, 2017 8:38 PM