TV Donated Just in Time for Grey Cup

Today was a great day for Tom Woods and Branch #92 of the Royal Canadian Legion. A 65” high definition 4K Smart TV, still wrapped in its box, was delivered to the Legion by Country Grocer’s Community Relations team.

The TV was a donation in honour of veterans for Remembrance Day and was a way that Country Grocer could contribute to the Legion’s facility. And as a bonus, it happened to arrive just in time for Sunday’s Grey Cup game!

A new TV for the Legion means no longer carrying the current TV, which is quite heavy, up and down the stairs for different functions. Now they have a TV upstairs and one downstairs. It also adds an extra feature for those who rent Meaden Hall for various events.

Country Grocer was able to give enough of a donation to help the Legion purchase a 55” TV, a great offer as it was. But after some thought, the Community Relations team at Country Grocer came back to Tom with a slightly different idea: “If you want a bigger one than that, we can could throw in what we would have for the 55-inch TV, but you could come up with the rest.”

Tom said, “So we did!” and added “Country Grocer has outdone themselves once again. They’ve helped us out on and off and have been outstanding partners throughout the years.”

According to Tom, the Legion will use the TV for events like the Grey Cup and the golf tournament. They’ll use it downstairs in Meaden Hall for Christmas parties and other meetings.

“Someone can sit in the audience and wirelessly send their info or images to the TV. There will be a learning curve, but so be it,” Tom explained.

If you’re a Grey Cup fan, head to the Legion on Sunday, November 26, at 3pm. There will be prizes, bar fare, and the cheapest beer on the island. They usually have a great turnout, and according to Tom, it’s always also a lot of fun.

As seen in the photos below, the Legion's Noella Fraser stands with Country Grocer’s Community Relations team! Rob Lowrie, Tami Moulton, and Rick MacKinnon comprise the three-person team that has the privilege of generously working with the community and helping them achieve their goals.

You can contact all three of them at SaltSpringCommunityRelations[at]countrygrocer[dot]com

Photo by Billie Woods

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By Coreen Boucher

Staff Writer, Salt Spring Exchange News

November 24, 2017 4:30 PM