Incorporation: Wayne McIntyre Post Referendum Statement

The incorporation referendum is now over, complete with a clear community “no” decision on the option to incorporate. It is now time to recognize and thank many who have been involved:

  • The Provincial Government, through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (now the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing) not only provided financial support for studies but staff expertise. Particular thanks to Linda Galeazzi and Marijke Edmondson who were a terrific support to Trustees George Grams, Peter Grove and myself as well as the two volunteer committees. The first committee study compared our present governance model with an incorporated one and the second was the full incorporation study complete with costing and is dated November 21, 2017. Both committees worked extremely hard, provided ongoing opportunities for public input, answered many questions and delivered quality reports to help inform our community on a variety of governance matters.
  • The Capital Regional District, through the Executive Office, had an oversight responsibility on the governance of the two studies as well as ensuring compliance to government guidelines and managing the budget provided. Thanks to our Corporate Officer, Brent Reems, and his staff, who also provided support for the referendum voting process.
  • Our local media for keeping on top of the issues, providing a forum for a balance of opinions and doing so in a timely manner.
  • The voters who turned out in record numbers. It was gratifying to see that in a recent survey most felt they had the information needed to help guide them in their decision.
  • To my colleagues Trustees George Grams and Peter Grove: thanks for starting our journey together six years ago and continuing it in a collaborative manner with only a few challenges along the way.

It is now time to put aside any differences and focus on working collectively to make Salt Spring an even better place.

Wayne McIntyre

Electoral Area Director SSI

September 10, 2017 5:36 PM

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