Incorporation: Local Governance Option Defeated

We are very disappointed in the outcome but as the time honoured saying goes, the people have spoken. We are happy that we’ve seen a record turnout at the polls for this important decision and we congratulate the opposition on their success.

Our belief remains that local government decisions should be made by a representative cross-section of Salt Spring Islanders. Today, not having taken the first step on that path, we reach out to our fellow Salt Springers who voted “no” to let them know we remain committed to more effective governance as far as the current system allows. We are extremely grateful for all the hard work of our volunteers and the funding provided by our donors. We could not have communicated our message of hope for the future without those resources.

Islanders have argued for months now, sometimes politely, sometimes angrily, about the best way forward from September 9th. After all the squabbling, there is no dispute about this: born here or lured from elsewhere by the island’s magic, we all love this precious place and its unique community. Our only argument has been what form of governance best equips us to face coming challenges.

The people have now decided. Whether one was Yes or No on this question today, we are united in wanting to create a better Salt Spring tomorrow. The road ahead isn’t smooth but we all have a stake in the outcome. Yes and No voters alike know that they will have to put their shoulders to the wheel to ensure a brighter future for us and the generations to come.

We also thank George Grams, Peter Grove, and Wayne McIntyre for fulfilling their campaign promises of six years ago to secure a full governance review allowing islanders to make the best possible informed choice.

September 10, 2017 11:31 AM