Positively No Campaign Statement on the Preliminary Results of the Referendum on the Incorporation of Salt Spring Island

The real winner tonight is Salt Spring. By rejecting incorporation, 4,248 islanders (63.1%) showed their support for the principles of local governance and a vision for the future of their rural island home championed by Positively NO. As a consequence, Salt Spring will continue to be guided, preserved and protected by a unique and progressive form of governance.

To the many islanders who voted NO, we extend our deepest gratitude and we celebrate with you. To all our many volunteers and supporters, we say tonight's result could not have happened without your commitment, faith and energy. Thank you one and all. Tonight, we feel joy, relief and anticipation for what is to come.

To those who opposed us, we commend you on your hard-fought campaign. Your beliefs were promoted with passion and steadfastness. It is our fervent hope that we can all move forward from tonight's outcome in a spirit of collaboration and reconciliation in the interests of community harmony and well- being.

To the elected officials who publicly denounced the current governance as irreparably broken in favour of incorporation, we ask that you now acknowledge the will of the majority of Salt Spring islanders in rejecting the incorporation option. We further ask that you commit to work with the entire community on ways to address community concerns for the remainder of your term. Committed leadership and the political will to facilitate change as our governance evolves is what Salt Spring needs now.

September 9, 2017 11:12 PM