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Breaking News: Salt Spring Incorporation Official Vote Results

    Governance & Politics, Local News, News & Events    September 9, 2017

Here are the official, preliminary, incorporation referendum election results. These results were posted tonight by Anthony (Tony) Kennedy, Salt Spring’s Election Officer. The final, official results still need to be verified by the Chief Election Officer before they are confirmed as final. Ballots were counted by hand while the full process was reviewed by scrutineers monitoring voting. The ballots were counted in three locations – Fulford Elementary School, GISS Multi-Purpose Room and the Community Gospel Chapel. There were six officials involved in the counting at Fulford, nine officials at GISS and eight at the Gospel Chapel. Local media were also invited to review and monitor the count. It may take a number of days for these results to be finalized and there is a small chance they may change slightly once confirmed as final.

Editors Note: Anthony (Tony) Kennedy, Salt Spring’s Election Officer has provided this proclamation which confirms the final vote on September 12th, 2017


Editors Note: the revised final results were 3930 (61.9%) No to 2419 (38.1%) Yes. Total votes 6349

The results on election night were: 3916 (61.98%) No to 2402 (38.02%) Yes. Total votes: 6318

Final results are expected early the week of September 11, 2017.

Here are the results by polling station:

Fulford Elementary School: 178 Yes, 427 No
GISS and Salt Spring Library: 1113 Yes, 2155 No
Community Gospel Chapel: 1043 Yes, 1240 No
Mail-in voting – results from CRD: 14 Yes, 04 No
Sidney – (Mary Winspear): 17 Yes, 14 No

© 2017 Salt Spring Exchange – Salt Spring Incorporation Vote Results Posted by Anthony (Tony) Kennedy, Salt Spring’s Election Officer – Photo: Salt Spring Exchange

Salt Spring appears to have chosen to stay the course with its existing governance. The question now may become what changes, if any, our existing institutions and structures might attempt to embrace from municipality advocates.

The last incorporation referendum on Salt Spring in 2003 saw 70% of voters choosing no to incorporation.

Recent online straw polls leading up to the vote consistently showed the island started off leaning no and stayed that way and though the Yes side did appear to capture more of the undecided poll votes toward the end.

Incorporation Referendum Poll – 2017 August Results

Incorporation Referendum Poll – 2017 July Results

Editors Note: An earlier version of this story indicated there were 7 officials involved in counting votes. This was corrected by the Elections Officer. The ballots were counted in three locations – Fulford Elementary School, GISS Multi-Purpose Room and the Community Gospel Chapel. There were six officials involved in the counting at Fulford, nine officials at GISS and eight at the Gospel Chapel.

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