Incorporation: Rationale for Opinion

Along with others, particularly the SSI Trustees and the two committees we selected , I have been involved with the two SSI studies for over five years; the first the comparison of our present governance system with the municipal model and the second a full incorporation review, including financials. The Trustees and I were stewards of the two studies and this process was completed with the delivery of the final study to the ministry on November 21, 2016; at that time the Incorporation Committee was disbanded thereby ending the formal process.

The three of us provided support as follow up to the end of the formal process and one significant commitment was made, which was completed on August 30th: the debates with three representatives on each side. With the increasing pressures to say something as an elected representative of the community and the number of statements made that were confusing or in some cases incorrect, I felt I could ad value to the process. This was based on my direct involvement with municipalities as an elected municipal councillor, community volunteer and a contractor covering decades, along with two terms as the SSI Electoral Area Director. It is not uncommon in BC for local government elected officials to give personal views on matters important to their community.

Before I presented my view, I discussed the matter with the CRD Corporate Officer and there was no issue for me to express as a personal opinion. Based on feedback a significant majority have thanked me for my insight.

September 5, 2017 9:13 AM

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