Incorporation: Key Reasons to Vote NO

There are many reasons to oppose incorporation. Click on this Top Ten list.

Salt Spring is again facing a referendum on Saturday, September 9 as to whether the island should incorporate. It is the issue that won't go away. A previous referendum about whether to incorporate, in 2002, failed; 70% of voters opposed it.

The Many Islanders Opposed to Incorporation are campaigning under the banner of ‘Positively NO’. We are proud of Salt Spring’s many accomplishments and the fact that we have an engaged community without the over-development associated with so many other tourist destinations.

Positively NO believes that a municipality is not an appropriate fit for Salt Spring’s rural island community. We recognize that Salt Spring is a very special place which has remained that way precisely because of the visionary all-party legislation introduced in 1974 to create the Islands Trust Act.

Here are our Top Ten Reasons to Vote NO on September 9.

September 5, 2017 7:39 AM

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