Incorporation Poll: How Would You Vote if You Voted Today?

Well we're getting down to it now. The incorporation referendum vote is just over a week away. Advance voting starts this week. There have been dozens and dozens of stories, opinions and editorials published weighing pros and cons. Discussion is active all around the island and online. Many members of our community have stood up to share their opinions either way. The debate has mostly been civil, much of it hasn't. There is a debate coming up to help those who might be undecided or to further strengthen current resolve. It would seem many of us have a hard time separating our need to be right from helping each other with ideas and so here we are on the eve of an important vote for the future of the community, be it no or yes.

We've been running some polls about this referendum question to give the community some sense of where the results might be headed. As imperfect as online polls are, here for the last time before official voting is our last straw poll on the matter. It comes with an asking this time.

It's an asking that we each look upon each other with some compassion as this vote unfolds and that we attempt some kind of understanding amongst ourselves no matter the result. It's clear there is much passion in this community about governance and though not all ideas would appear to be be agreeable with one another. We're going to have to share this island with each other on September 10th. Are we content to be known amongst ourselves and by others off the island as a devise lot surrounded by the sea? How do we want life to look amongst us all afterwards?

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August 28, 2017 1:25 PM

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