Incorporation: Bruce Cameron on Voting Yes

"I have seen first hand how the current system is mired in paralysis. It is time to trust in participatory democracy,” Says Bruce Cameron.

"I believe that the creativity, community commitment and sense of collaboration that defines Salt Spring Islanders will be best reflected by having a locally elected and accountable council. Those 7 elected individuals will meet and debate issues right in Ganges, openly and respectfully, to help us address our challenges and realize our fullest potential as a place to live, work and play for all of our residents. It is time to trust in participatory democracy by bringing the lively debate about our future back home, where we can all listen and participate, rather than be beholden to voices in Victoria and other islands that do not fully understand or appreciate our situation."

Bruce Cameron moved to Salt Spring full time 5 years ago, but has been a frequent visitor for over 30 years. He plays drums in several local bands, and over the past 3 decades has come to love and appreciate the quirkiness that makes Salt Spring such an amazing place to live. Bruce runs Social Media ROi, a market research and social media monitoring company, from the home he shares with his wife Susan Lundy and their two dogs. Bruce also volunteers as a member of the CRD's Community Economic Development Commission, where he has helped formulate a plan to integrate organic waste management efforts in order to enable Salt Spring to become more self sustaining.

August 28, 2017 7:30 AM