Salt Spring Reads: Child Honouring edited by Raffi Cavourkian and Sharna Olfman

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Child Honouring, How to Turn This World Around, edited by Raffi Cavourkian and Sharna Olfman

For much of his life, Raffi (Cavourkian) has been writing and singing songs for children. As an author, award-winning recording artist and ecology advocate, he joined forces with a professor of psychology and author of many books about child development. Together, they collected essays by well known advocates of both children and the environment, fusing and promoting the philosophy of child honouring. Combined, the different chapters act as an informed force that puts children at the centre of our being. If our world centres on its future - the next generation - in all aspects, including architecture, economy, education, environment, health and more - then our world will become a healthier place that focuses on a more positive future that will benefit all.

With many contributors, each chapter has a different tone and viewpoint. Some read more like scholarly essays while others are like visiting a close friend. I particularly enjoyed Barbara Kingsolver’s chapter titled Lily’s Chickens. The book’s foreword has been contributed by the Dalai Lama.

I found the chapter contributed by Lorna B. Williams, program director of Aboriginal Teacher Education and member of the Lil’Wat First Nation, one of the most fascinating reads. Her chapter gives a unique insight into a wise, traditional way of raising children.

A recommended read for any parent and educator.

ISBN: 978-0-9866446-0-3
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July 19, 2017 5:55 PM