Experience Awe and Wonder at the Osman Phillips Photo Show

Art and photography fans are about to experience a rare treat. Despite the difficulty in finding film and the distance one must go to develop film, film photography is alive and well on Cedar Lane.

Osman Phillips’s photography show begins August 5 and ends August 7 at his Cedar Lane Studio. Thirty-six photos capture close-ups of nature that evoke curiosity and wonder. These glimpses into the awe-inspiring natural world were taken as far away as Alaska, Mt. Robson Park, and Keremeos and as near as the Gulf Islands and Salt Spring itself. The collection is a mix of new and old favourites of the last 26 years.

With names like Juniper Snake, Bear Paw, and Centre of the Universe, they are not what you might think. In fact, even after some time with each image, you will likely remain touched by curiosity.

Osman’s photographs are also unique in that each frame is designed and made by Osman himself. Made from poplar and eastern maple, each frame is assembled using joinery rather than nails, screws, or staples. In addition, all but his newest photos are accompanied with poems, which can be listened to on his website, such as this one for Innocence.

About 40 years ago, Osman left academia to study tai chi. To pay for his studies, he became a busy photographer for magazines and advertising agencies in London. In 1991, he arrived in Canada where he began taking photos of nature rather than of people. Two years later, he moved to Salt Spring and, soon thereafter, began selling photo cards at the market.

This is Osman’s second show at his studio after nearly 10 years of showing new work in the PhotoSynthesis shows. When asked why this show and why now, Osman said, “It feels like the end of something to me. What I do from here in photography might be the same subject. Or I might stop taking photos altogether.”

You can see the show on the following dates and times at 210 Cedar Lane in the studio where he also teaches tai chi:

Saturday, August 5, 10am to 5pm
Sunday, August 6, 1pm to 5pm
Monday, August 7, 10am to 5pm


By Coreen Boucher

Staff Writer, Salt Spring Exchange News

July 19, 2017 9:10 AM

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