Earth Day Celebration Features Electric Vehicles

You may have noticed that traffic is becoming a little quieter on Salt Spring Island. And cyclists, you might have had the good fortune of pulling up behind an exhaust-free car and breathing a little easier while you wait to make your turn.

That’s because Salt Spring Island has nearly 100 electric vehicles, or EVs, cruising its roads—not including electric bicycles. Jim Standen, who is the electric vehicle registrar for the island, says that about 95 EVs are currently on island. And when he registers the 100th car, that car owner will have the added bonus of receiving a $100 Country Grocer gift card.

Aside from being cheaper to run and reducing emissions, what’s all the fuss about EVs? If you’re curious, head down to the Earth Day celebration at Centennial Park this Sunday. You can test drive an EV, with no cost or obligation, between 12pm and 3pm. Find the EVs in the ironically named Gasoline Alley after the EV flash mob.

From 11:30 to 11:45am, EV drivers will be quietly driving the streets of Ganges, and some EV owners will be available to ask questions when you stop by to check out the vehicles in Gasoline Alley.

Salt Spring’s EV owners have seven public charging stations at which to charge their car, and some stations have two wands, such as the Art Spring, which was the first station. Because all chargers are Level 2 (220v), cars can be charged 4 times faster than at the 120V chargers.

One of those chargers is in the Country Grocer parking lot, to the right of the liquor store. In addition to supporting the accelerating EV movement on Salt Spring, Country Grocer is supporting Sunday’s Earth Day festivities. It’s providing tents, a basket filled with environmentally friendly products, and gift cards for the musicians.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Country Grocer

By Coreen Boucher

Staff Writer, Salt Spring Exchange News

April 22, 2017 9:44 AM