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Country Grocer Valentines Photo Contest Winners!

    Health & Wellness, Photos & Videos    February 13, 2017

It’s almost Valentines Day! Thank you to everyone who participated in our photo contest sponsored with prizes from Country Grocer. First prize was for a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Auntie Pestos along with two concession winners who will each receive a $50 Country Grocer gift cards. There is also an unexpected special prize for an unexpected special entry. Winners were selected by random draw. Congratulations and thanks to all the couples who sent in amazing photos of their love. Scroll to the bottom of the photos to find out if you won!

Valerie Wernet and Emilie Wapnick

Vail Paterson and Chris Clark

Trish Robitaille and Randy Miron

Tracy Harrison and Carl Borgstrom

Tom James and Linda James

Tina Jones and Ole Moffat

Therin Gower and Henry Baade

Taryn Hancock and Allan Hancock

Tanner Kendell and Kayla Jones

Tamara Parker and Blaire Parker

Tait Nicole and Jim Snow

Stephanie Arnold and Brandon Strickland

Shelby Gaudet and Alec Miller

Shanon Baldwin and Daniel Tetreault

Sarah Reiter and Daniel Ureta

Sandra Green and Keith Green

Sami Clemente and Luke Benson

Sairuh MacKay and Michael Rumsby

Ron Cooke and Oni Freeman

Richard Farrant and Susan Farrant

Rhodemyn Crowder and Bryan Crowder

Rachel Vanroie and Avah Vanroie

Pauline Martens and Rod Martens

Patti Nordine and Darren Nordine

Oona McOuat and Leigh Hilbert

Nicola Persson and Chuck Persson

Melissa Jacquez and Nathan Kleine Deters

Melanie Morris and Simon Morris

Maxine Olynyk and Brian Box

Maureen Phelan and Michel Jutras

Martin Keogh and Liza Keogh

Mark T and Leianne T

Marilyn Guille and Michael Guille

Lisa McLeod and Jonathon Varner

Linda Dares and Ian Mott

Laureen Charlton and John Charlton

Laura McAstocker and Jonathan McAstocker

Launi Middleditch and John Mcdonnell

Kristi Lee and Jordan Borth

Krista Thornhill and Gerald Stel

Krista Brox and Rob Brox

Katya Mycyk and Steve Forbes

Kathy Kendall and Mike Davis

Kate Hammond and Martin Hammond

Karla Mulligan and Graham Temke

Karen Olender Kipnis and Aaron Kipnis

John Gulayets and Gail Gulayets

Jennifer Stonley and Larry Baines

Jen Middleton and Dale Dow

Jeannine Munn and Dan Rudick

Janice Dickie and Greg Taylor

James Brett Clibbery and Sarah Justine Packwood

Jaime Murdoch and Morgan Fry

Israel Cohen and Lynne Johnson

Holger Hermann and Dina Hermann

Francois L and Tryphena K

Faedra Campbell and Chris Jason

Emily Myers and Nick Williams

Emily Forbes and Joah Chlopan

Ella Bronstein and Chris Blaszk

Eliot Kaplan and Bobbie Baker

Elaine Head and Bruce Logan

Ed Walkner and Johanna Walkner

Dustan Mckie and Melissa Labine

Donna Saffel and Chris Saffel

Devon Vine and Steve Vine

Dawn Derousie and Dan Child

David Miller and Lila Spencer

Dave French and Kelly Waters

Danielle Sandy and Michael Horan

Danielle Head and Eric Taylor

Dal Brickenden and Solveig Brickenden

Connor May and Alicia Shourounis

Chad Adams and Nina Fletcher

Cathie Grindler and Brad Grindler

Carrie Crowley and Fuji Crowley

Candace Sikorski and Ray Shergold

Caffyn Jesse and Mearnie Summers

Bronwyn Stocks and Jamin Stocks

Brenda Matzigkeit and Dave Matzigkeit

Bob Delion and Alice Marcano

Becki Steel and Wes Pickering

Banana Joe Clemente and Wendy Taylor Clemente

Ariel Gaitt and Fraser Rock

Antrina Marshall and James Marshall

Anna Wärje and Orion Wärje

Angela Gowans and Geoff Gowans

Angela Anderson and Brien Anderson

Ang Campbell and Marc Robichaud

Andrea LeBorgne and Ian Mitchell

Amanda Steele and Brad Holland

Ajra Doobenen and Forest Junker-Allen

Concession Winners – Lorcan Pitcher and William Curtin

Concession winners receive a $50 Country Grocer gift card to be picked up at the Country Grocer Customer Service counter.

Lorcan Pitcher and William Curtin

Concession Winners – Janelle Pierce and Allen Kirby

Concession winners receive a $50 Country Grocer gift card to be picked up at the Country Grocer Customer Service counter.

Janelle Pierce and Allen Kirby

Special Prize Winners – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

We must however present a very creative award for a very creative submission – $25 gift certificate for one bottle of hair gel and skin cleanser for Donald Trump and saline solution, energy bars and melatonin for Hillary Clinton!

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

First Prize Winners – Sheri Hickman and Don Hickman

The First Prize Winners are Sheri Hickman & Don Hickman who will be going to Auntie Pesto’s for a romantic dinner for two ($150 gift certificate, which can be picked up at Country Grocer from Matteo Hermani)

Sheri Hickman and Don Hickman

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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