Centennial Park Master Plan Draft Design Released

The Salt Spring Island Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC) will review a draft design for Centennial Park’s updated Master Plan following an extensive community consultation process. The updated Master Plan will inform Capital Regional District (CRD) decisions for the next twenty years about long range capital projects as well as design and management decisions related to day-to-day and short term activities within Centennial Park.

Community consultations highlighted that Centennial Park has a fantastic location, hosts great events and boasts a few well-loved features including the tree canopy. The consultations also helped identify where Centennial Park can be improved to fulfill its potential as a well-utilized and welcoming space, particularly on days without planned events. Areas for improvement include design limitations, safety issues and limited connection to the waterfront and surrounding village.

Most of the trees in Centennial Park were planted a few years after infilling and have since grown to create a beautiful urban woodland that is used on a daily basis by residents and visitors alike. In 2012, a Tree Management Plan was developed to look at the preservation and management of the woodland as well as to identify dead or dying trees that pose a safety issue.

Community stakeholders and the general public had several opportunities to participate in the early planning process:

  • Roundtable (27 community stakeholder organizations & 9 First Nations Chiefs were contacted directly)
  • User survey open to the public (posted on the CRD and Salt Spring Exchange websites and the CRD Facebook page, and distributed as hard copy to the local pool, library, seniors centre, Portlock Park and at the Centennial Park Roundtable)
  • Design Charette open to the public (posted on the CRD and Salt Spring Exchange websites, and announced in the SSI Driftwood Newspaper; 27 community stakeholder organizations & 9 First Nations Chiefs were also contacted directly)
  • Draft Designs (public feedback requested on 3 draft park plans distilled from Design Charette outcomes and a request for feedback was posted on the CRD and Salt Spring Exchange web sites and in the SSI Driftwood Newspaper).

In addition to these activities, the Consultants met with First Nations to review opportunities.

Based on community feedback from the three draft designs, one draft design has been developed and will be presented to PARC for final comment. (Click on the plan image to see the full size version.)

Salt Spring - Centennial Park Redesign Draft 2016 October

Details of the Centennial Park Master Plan Draft Design and the 2012 Tree Management Plan are available online.

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October 31, 2016 11:18 AM