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Salt Spring Ice Cream - Some of the Best You’ll Ever Eat - When my grandpa taught me the “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” chant, I thought that I’d never scream for ice cream. I hadn’t yet met an ice cream that could arouse those passions. But, decades later, I’ve finally found that ice cream―right here on Salt Spring Island!

In May, County Grocer started selling Salt Spring Ice Cream. Unless you go for scoops, you may not have known this. I didn’t find it until Country Grocer filled a front-row freezer with pint-sized jars and hung a sign over it with Salt Spring Ice Cream’s logo.

I tried Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Toast, and Chocolate Espresso. Each flavour electrified my palate! Some ice cream crackerjack on this island has captured mouthful after mouthful of “fresh and real,” but who?

I tracked Lesley and her daughter to their table at the Saturday market. Admittedly, I had walked by her table numerous times over the years because I had stopped eating ice cream long ago. It had always been a sugary disappointment.

Lesley is as good a storyteller as she is an ice cream maker. Even her stories leave a pleasant aftertaste!

She and her husband started making ice cream to sell at the market two years ago this August. Their eldest daughter, who moved to Ontario a few years ago, said, “Before I go, I need to teach you how to make ice cream.”

Lesley said once they experimented, they were sold. “We built a little commercial kitchen, and we already had a table at the market, so we started selling our ice cream. Our goal is to make some of the best ice cream you will ever eat.” In my case, they have succeeded!

Salt Spring Ice Cream is truly a small-batch producer, making only 5 litres at a time from scratch. Minimal ingredients are used, and I can read and understand everything on the ingredient list. Lesley confirmed that nothing artificial, such as flavourings or preservatives, is ever added.

In fact, all organic fruit are sourced on the island for the freshest seasonal specialties. For example, Foxglove Farm provides raspberries, Northend Farm strawberries, and Farias Family Farm rhubarb. Mt. Maxwell Coffee provides Black Crow Espresso for the Chocolate Espresso ice cream and Sasquatch Roast for the Mocha Hazelnut Fudge. The key to the ice cream’s richness is the 16% cream from Vancouver Island.

Luckily for us a chance encounter led to Salt Spring Ice Cream appearing in Country Grocer’s freezers so we can buy ice cream all week long! Lesley’s friend Henri was in the kitchen department at Mouat’s when she ran into Matteo from Country Grocer. His hands were filled with ice cream scoops, and she asked him what he was up to. He said that Country Grocer was going to start scooping ice cream.

She asked the same question that I’m going to leave with you: “Have you tasted Salt Spring Ice Cream yet?”

Coreen Boucher
Local News Reporter
Salt Spring Exchange

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