Video: Salt Spring Island Space Agency - On the Up and Up

Salt Spring’s incredible future has arrived! The Salt Spring Island Space Agency has been established. Located on the roof of Country Grocer, its inaugural rocket launch to Mars took place this month.

All systems were set to go when Space Man, the rocket’s pilot, took stock of his supplies. Toilet paper was alarmingly low. It’s a good thing the Space Agency is located where it is!

Space Man hurried into Country Grocer to replenish his rolls. Staff were surprised to see Space Man―the Real McCoy―ankling up and down aisles and dragging his oxygen tube. They filled his carts and helped him load up the rocket just in the nick of time. Attaboy, Space Man! He’s got his priorities straight.

This launch was handled by qualified aerospace technicians and attended by a farewell band. Together they ushered Salt Spring into its new era of space age whackiness and exploration.

No baloney! Keep your peepers open for “A Trip to Mars” when you head to the Fritz Theatre this week! You can see it all for yourself: the Salt Spring Island Space Agency’s first launch was filmed. Don’t blow your wig if you can’t get there.

This incredible launch is soon to be followed by another. On July 24th, it’s blast off for a week of savings that are out of this world! Head to the Space Agency―er, Country Grocer―for its week-long customer appreciation sale. It’s the bee’s knees! Get the low down in its latest flyer.

Quality filming and humour provided by the talented Keith Picot, aka Space Man.

Salt Spring - Trip to Mars - 20160719_174116

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Salt Spring - Trip to Mars - Groupe infront of Rocket

Salt Spring - Trip to Mars - photo [52589]

Salt Spring - Trip to Mars - Toilet Tissue

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July 20, 2016 3:22 PM

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