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Jon and Roy have faced island audiences’ time and time before. With frequent shows at Beaver Point Hall over the years, they have grown to be one of Salt Spring’s favourite guest bands. Since the inception of Jon and Roy in 2003, at the University of Victoria, the “Chorus-driven anti-folk duo” released 5 albums, with their 2012 album earning them a Western Canadian Music Award for best roots recording. Jon & Roy have played hundreds of shows in clubs, theaters and festival across Canada, the U.S., U.K. and have just recently announced their European tour this fall!

Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival producers interviewed Jon and Roy to see what they’re most excited about for this year’s festival. Jon and Roy sure are looking forward to their show on August 7th.

SSMGF: What is your favourite aspect about the music you play for your audiences?

J & R: Definitely the most enjoyable aspect of playing music to our audiences is feeling them react positively, especially by dancing.

SSMGF: What’s a favourite or top 10 moment from performing or seeing a show on Salt Spring?

J & R: We've performed at Beaver Point Hall many times over the years and that place is always such a pleasure to play, the audience is very engaged and the vibe is perfect.   Favourite would probably be NYE 2012.

SSMGF: How much do you like garlic? Do you grow garlic? What is your favourite recipe?

J & R: I am a garlic enthusiast and regular consumer. I love cooking pasta. I don't grow it myself but I do like to roast garlic and then blend it in to cream cheese and have it on a freshly-baked "everything" bagel from Mount Royal Bagels.

SSMGF: Do you believe garlic grows better when music is played to it? What would you play to your growing rows of garlic?

J & R: Garlic grows best when Edvard Grieg's "In the Hall of the Great Mountain King" is lovingly whistled by a farmer every morning just after sunrise.

SSMGF: As with the Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival who supports local farmers, how do you give back to your community?

J & R: Every year we do a Holiday show in Victoria and up island and for those concerts we raise money for the Mustard Seed foundation or for Our Place in Victoria.  We have also played the Reynolds high school cancer fundraiser a number of times.

SSMGF: What are you looking forward to at the Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival?

J & R: Most of all we are looking forward to playing on the island, it's one of our favourite places to play in Canada.

SSMGF: Where do you think we’ll find you the morning after the festival?

J: Coffee and brunch for sure either at Treehouse or at a friends, perhaps out in the wild a bit....definitely having a dip in Cusheon or Westin Lake. ~ Jon

R: The morning after the Garlic Festival I will likely be high fiving Chef Matt Riesling after a delicious breakfast at the Rock Salt Restaurant and Cafe. ~Roy

Salt Spring - John and Roy

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Looking forward to some R&R on Salt Spring Island, Jon and Roy take the stage on August 7th at 6:20. They’ll be sure to give you a jaw dropping performance as they get those feet tapping. To see a full list of bands and to purchase tickets visit

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