Local Business Profile: Fun Facts about Salt Spring Air

Salt Spring Air may have its wing in the air, but its roots are firmly planted here on Salt Spring as the island’s only airline. A dozen islanders keep local operations running smoothly, and three types of aircraft―Beaver, Turbo Beaver, and Turbo Otter―call Ganges Harbour home.

Like many local businesses, Salt Spring Air has its public persona and its behind-the-scenes stories and delights. Here is an interesting blend of both:

  1. Speaking of local, those delectable muffins from Jana’s Bake Shop and that perfectly roasted coffee from Salt Spring Coffee are served to all passengers when they arrive for their flight.
  2. As islanders, many of us know what this time of year means for ferry lineups and waits. Doesn’t 22 minutes to YVR and 28 minutes to downtown Vancouver sound like a dream? It’s true! You can fly to either location in under half an hour!
  3. Can you imagine proposing on a rugged, beautiful beach? Because Salt Spring Air flies float planes, it can take passengers into secluded locations. In fact, charters to secluded beaches are the most popular for wedding proposals. Every time Salt Spring Air has taken love birds into the wild, the proposal has been accepted!
  4. Being a college or university student often comes with a budget. Did you know that students can fly standby for 50% of the regular ticket price?
  5. Where can you go? Regular flights from Salt Spring Island go directly to downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver Airport, and to Maple Bay. And with a through fare, you can go to Whistler, Victoria, Nanaimo, Sechelt, Jarvis Inlet, and Comox.
  6. If you know any of Salt Spring Air’s employees, you may know that they travel and fly quite a bit. Why’s that? Employees have reciprocal flight perks with over 100 other airlines!
  7. If it’s important to you to travel with a low carbon footprint, you’ll be thrilled to know that all of Salt Spring Air’s flights are carbon neutral. All offsets go to the Great Bear Rain Forest, one of the most pristine environments on earth, right here on British Columbia’s coast.
  8. If you’re thinking of heading off island, take a few minutes to peruse Salt Spring Air’s website and head to “Deals.” Super saver deals are often available online and can reduce flight fares by up to 30%. That’s an extra meal once you arrive!
  9. If you want choice and flexibility when you book, board, and fly, check out goFARES when Salt Spring Air launches this new program on July 18th. You’ll have a range of options in value and amenities, but you’ll always receive the award-winning customer service you expect
  10. With 27,000km of coastline, British Columbia has so much dynamic beauty that most of us will never see―although the eagles do! Salt Spring Air’s affordable scenic tours can give you the bird’s eye view: sandy beaches, glaciers, alpine lakes, waterfalls, and/or West Coast rainforest and pounding surf.

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