Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival: Billie Woods

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Once again, opening the Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival, Billie Woods is a household-name for any family on Salt Spring Island. She is a truly unique artist, in that she plays “simply because she enjoys playing music”. Billie is more than your typical classical guitar musician, as her velvet voice and guitar picking patterns create a fresh bold sound that fans find intoxicating and light.

Billie’s artistic talents extend beyond making captivating music, to capturing beautiful moments through photography. She has the ability to see and present the beauty of life through both her photography and music.

To have some fun, Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival producers interviewed Billie on her upcoming performance at the Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival.

SSGMF: What is your favourite aspect about the music you play for your audiences?

Billie Woods: It’s non offensive and if people really listen there is a lot of heart they can feel.

SSGMF: What’s a favourite or top 10 moment from performing or seeing a show on Salt Spring?

Billie Woods: One night at the treehouse it was a friend’s birthday and I ad-libbed a full 5 min song and had so many people right there with me laughing. I love being able to play off the audience. The energy really does grow together.

SSGMF: How much do you like garlic? Do you grow garlic? What is your favourite recipe?

Billie Woods: We are growing garlic now for the first time. I love garlic and would eat it every day. I chop it up, leave it out for 10 min to activate the good stuff then add it to everything.

SSGMF: Do you believe garlic grows better when music is played to it? What would you play to your growing rows of garlic?

Billie Woods: Humm I’ll try it tomorrow. Probably something made up on my acoustic with a nice little jig to it.

SSGMF: As with the Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival who supports local farmers, how do you give back to your community?

Billie Woods: I drive an electric car so I don't put out any emissions, I shop locally at the markets and at Nature Works.

SSGMF: What are you looking forward to at the Salt Spring Music & Garlic Festival?

Billie Woods: Spending the whole day with friends, family and listening to good music.

SSGMF: Where do you think we’ll find you the morning after the festival?

Billie Woods: Monday morning I’ll be walking my dog in the park.

Billie is perfect as the opening act. She’ll welcome you the Salt Spring way and get you ready to listen to amazing music for two days straight.

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Salt Spring - Billie Woods

July 12, 2016 4:10 PM

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