Salt Spring Reads: The Story of My Face

Salt Spring Reads is an online book club/review. For this column I try to find books that you might love to discover, books with a Salt Spring connection. Reviewed books are available at the Salt Spring Library and in local bookstores. Feel free to share your comments to discuss this book with others. The Story of My Face by Kathy Page

Born in London, England author Kathy Page has called Salt Spring Island ‘home’ for more than 15 years. Her novel Alphabet was short-listed for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction.

In The Story of My Face, a young girl named Natalie grows up as an outsider, and through her own choosing is drawn into the life of a local family with strong religious beliefs.

The woman treat her as a daughter, perhaps due to the fact that she had lost a baby girl at birth, and the family takes Natalie with them to a religious holiday camp.

It is here that she is introduced to a cultish sect: the Finnish Envallist branch of Protestantism, and here, in the frozen north, that events start to take a terrible turn. Rejected by some of the sectarians for her non-commitment to their beliefs, Natalie creates a rift in the group which culminates in a climactic event.

Later, as an adult back in Finland, Natalie tries to make sense of what happened and to unlock the secret origins of Envallism itself.

The book is so realistically written that I wasn’t sure what was fiction and what was not. This fascinating read is available in local bookstores and library.

Salt Spring Reads - The Story of My Face

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Margriet Ruurs is a Salt Spring Island author of over 30 books. Her latest book was one of five finalists for the TD Canada Book Award. She runs Between The Covers, Booklovers’ B & B.

March 16, 2016 8:43 AM

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