Salt Spring Island Water Fair 2016

Water has long been the mode of transport, the giver of life and food, and the source of strength for all human and non-human life sharing the coastal rainforest bioregion of British Columbia.

According to water researchers, flooding and droughts have become the “new normal” in much of B.C. as a result of a changing climate. Seasonal droughts in this region encourage the rare “Garry Oak” ecosystems, and many other features of this unique environment. Droughts also pose significant challenges to our human and built environment, and it is essential that communities work proactively to manage the water so that its abundance and quality strikes a balance. Fine tuning of water in our lifestyles is required.

Water Fair 2016 is all about providing the Gulf Islands community with tools and knowledge to embrace and benefit from the ‘winter wet’ and the ‘summer dry’ conditions.

Attend the Fair to gain access to a range of easy tools and technologies from pond and rainbarrel construction to water-saving home appliances, to landscape design and gardening!

Come on the “Every Drop Counts” Rainwater Harvesting Home Tour on Saturday March 12, 2016. Ten homeowners will share their unique rainwater systems with you on this self-guided tour. Maps available online and at Natureworks.

Learn about tradition, and right action: caring for water and land as relatives, within the worldview of the Quwutsun First Nation people with Elder Ron George (Tousilum).

Salt Spring teachers and students participating in the “Kids for Creeks” program will feature water science and learning activities.

Children of all ages will enjoy participatory water yoga with Lyndsay Savage, water animal drawing workshops with Quentin Harris, stories with Elizabeth Buchanan, finding the unique “Voice of Water” with Robi Smith, magic with Shaun Luttin, Water Singalong with Kate Romain, and more!

Let us come together to answer the changing climate with a changing water culture on Salt Spring Island! Personalize your “Conservation and Stewardship Action List”! Come to the Fair to connect, conserve, and celebrate Salt Spring: A Community Connected by Water!

This free event is brought to you by:

SSI Water Council and Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Authority

Sunday March 13, 2016 at Gulf Islands Secondary School 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. Learn more.

Fair Features:

  • Interactive booths and demos
  • Workshops
  • KidZone with magic, art, music, story, science
  • Art and Science installations
  • Local Vegetarian Food

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Salt Spring - 2016 Water Fair - IMG_0907 copy

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