Salt Spring Reads: Irish Country Books by Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor is probably an author who does not need any introduction to his New York Times’ bestseller novels. But I have become totally addicted to the Irish Country books by this popular author who lives on Salt Spring Island. He has written many other titles, but the series that takes the reader to 1960’s Ireland is magical. Taylor is a superb storyteller and paints the perfect picture of a small rural village and its eclectic inhabitants. There’s a spinster shopkeeper, a burly bartender, a generous Marquis, an untrustworthy politician and many others who come to live within the many pages of the books. But the main characters are Dr. Fingal Flaherty O’Reilly, the established village MD and his new assistant Dr. Barry Laverty. Their housekeeper Mrs. Kincaid serves them traditional Irish dishes, the recipes for which are given in the back of the books.

The cat, the dog, the horses - the entire Irish countryside comes to live in these pages. Taylor even supplements the fictional tales with information on this era in Irish history.

The stories are so vivid that I am surprised that the books haven’t yet been made into a movie or TV series. In fact, now that Downtown Abby is coming to an end, the stories of this Irish Country Village would be wonderful, and equally addictive, as a TV series. I hope someone will consider turning Patrick Taylor’s New York Times Bestsellers into such a series.

And if you love reading the books, there are plenty to keep you busy.

Titles include (in order):

An Irish Country Doctor
An irish Country Village
An Irish Country Christmas
An Irish Country Girl
An Irish Country Courtship
A Dublin Student Doctor
An Irish Country Wedding
Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor
An Irish Doctor in Peace and War
An Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea

The books are also available as spoken books, read in a wonderful Irish voice: perfect to take along in your car on a road trip.
Patrick Taylor has worked as a medical doctor in Canada for over thirty years, but his home country is obviously still close to his heart. He lives and writes on Salt Spring Island.

Margriet Ruurs is a Salt Spring Island author of over 30 books. She runs Between The Covers, Booklovers’ B & B.

Salt Spring Reads - Irish Country Stories

October 13, 2015 5:15 PM