Salt Spring Reads - The Water in Between, A Journey At Sea

Salt Spring Reads is an online book club/review. For this column I try to find books that you might love to discover, books with a Salt Spring connection. Reviewed books are available at the Salt Spring Library and in local bookstores. Feel free to share your comments.

The Water in Between, A Journey At Sea - by Kevin Patterson.

Published by Random House Canada, this is a thick volume and an engaging read. Whether you are an armchair traveler or an avid sailor, the story of how Kevin Patterson set off to find islands in the South Pacific, and himself, is a good one.

Disillusioned with life as an army doctor on the prairies, and a love life that left much to be desired, he bought a sail boat and decided to sail to Tahiti.

He brought along plenty of books, and a mate who had slightly more experience on a boat than he did. Together they faced storms and endless days of no wind. They explored remote atolls and met sailors from around the world. I enjoyed the tales of life on remote islands in the South Pacific and hearing how he coped with high seas and sailing back solo.

Woven into the fabric of a tale of sailing, are recollections of time spent in the arctic as a doctor for the Inuit. These inserted memories add colour to the fabric of the stories, and a good storyteller he is. Although there are too many ‘he said’ and ‘I said’s throughout the book, it is a well told tale of adventure on a sailboat that will appeal to many who either yearn for similar adventures or simply want to travel along through the pages of a book.

Kevin Patterson now lives on his boat right here, on Salt Spring waters.

Salt Spring Reads- The Water in Between A Journey At Sea

May 25, 2015 8:58 AM